Lila Polymers History

Lila Group 1945

Lila Group was established by Late Shri Liladhar Mulji Tanna for agricultural commodity trading specialised in spices and pulses.

Lila Group 1969

Expansion to textile biz. -Spinning, ginning and weaving factory was established by Shri Ranjit Liladhar Tanna (father of present Mr Jagdish Tanna).

Lila Group 1988

New biz line of polymers started by Mr Jagdish Tanna- international trading house for import / export/ third country trading.

Import 1990-2000

India being polymer deficit focus was to serve the large gap of import demand by representing international suppliers for sales into india. Pt Chandra Asri, Pt Tripolyta, PTT, TPI, Daelim Industries, KPIC, Hyundai, Samsung, Lotte Daesan other large Western and Japanese suppliers . during this decade ,average yearly sales were to the tune of 110 kt per annum making us one of the top 5 polymer trading houses in the country.

Exports 2000-2010

With start up of Reliance Industries Limited megacapacity of polypropylene, India turned surplus and the focus was on exports out of India capitalising on our excellent personal relationships of local suppliers and international customers. Over the years apart from Reliance, we successfully helped in exports out of India for other producers Haldia Petrochemicals/ IOCL/ GAIL/ Supreme. in this decade - average yearly sales approx. 110 ktpa making us one of the top 3 channel for Indian exports. at peak in one single year, we were responsible for volume of 165 kt pa for Reliance alone. We attribute this to our strong relationship and deep understanding of local suppliers and their management.


With the indian local capacity as well as demand growing, there was need for professional distribution and trading company to do actual marketing and provide service. (As opposed to distributors just doing “allocation” in the past when polymers were in limited supply.) We recognised the need and saw the opportunity for us to establish ourselves as premier distributon channel in india providing a reliable platform for both suppliers and customers.
Thus we established multiple offices, stockpoints and expanded sales team to develop deep rooted understanding of the markets to provide full solution.